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Residents of Sesame Street temporarily found a new home at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma Sept. 6-7.

The tour is part of the United Services Organization’s, “Sesame Street Experience for Military Families”, which has been in effect since 2008 and travels internationally to provide educational fun for military children.

USO collaborated with the Sesame Workshop and VEE Corporation, which has been doing Sesame Street shows for 32 years, to put on the show for military installations.

MCAS audiences attended three shows, two on Sept. 6, and one on Sept. 7.

USO began its 2012 tour in April at Scott Air Force Base, Ill. Yuma was the tour’s 47th stop out of a planned 68.

The Sesame Street workshop introduced a new muppet for the show, created specifically for military children: Katie, a military dependent whose parents are about to transfer to a new base.

“We’re teaching the kids how to deal with moving to a new base,” said Tom Zaizar, the VEE Corporation’s company manager. “For some kids, this is the only home they’ve ever had. They’re excited to move, but they’re scared too.”

According to Tom, Katie is meant to be a reflection of the kids, interested in what new adventures she’ll embark upon at her new home, but also filled with anxiety about leaving Elmo and friends.

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